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Anastasia's Names

Why Choose a Baby Naming Consultant?

Once you make the big announcement that two more little feet will be pitter-pattering through your lives in just a few short months, it seems every family member and friend starts chiming in with their ideas of what that little guy or gal should be called.

Although well-meaning, it can be overwhelming! And then to find a name that both you and your significant other can agree upon...oh boy! (or girl...)

You do not have to feel like you must choose a name that's pleasing to the ears of anyone you've ever met. Choosing a name consultant who enjoys picking, writing and researching names can help take some of the pressure off of you.

We'll work with your style and personality, wants and needs and can mediate between you and your partner to find the name that will compliment your little darling.

Your initial consultation is FREE and consists of discussing your wants and needs and getting some basic information.

Once you are ready to start receiving your perfect name choices, you'll continue to be involved in the entire process...changing your mind on the style of name you want is as simple as a phone call or email to your consultant.

To schedule your FREE initial consultation, please email or call (636) 751-5326. Consultations may be done via phone, email or in person.

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