Frosting Swag Bags

Swag Bags are goodie bags filled with FREE gifts that are given out to various people and events.


Gifts can be any of these items: full sized product, sample sized product, coupons, business cards, brochures, and other  promotional items with  company logo and contact info (pens, coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, keychains, etc) 


Swag Bags are a great item to give out at vendor & craft fairs, charity events, fundraisers, trivia nights, bridal & wedding expos, music concerts, art shows & gallery openings, open houses, carnivals & festivals, corporate  conferences, parties or get togethers of all kinds, or as a welcome to new neighbors or new businessiness in your area. They foster good will and excitement!


This is a wonderful opportunity for businesses, artists,  and entertainers of all kinds to get your product or service seen by potential future customers & clients. 


Pricing to Add Your Promo Items and/or Products:


$5 to be in 25 swag bags

$10 to be in 50 swag bags

$15 to be in 75 swag bags

$20 to be in 100 swag bags


an additional $5 per 25 bags for over 100 swag bags


To request swag bags for your event or to add your promo items, please call (636) 751-5326 or email for details. 

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